The Law Offices of Karen Olivier in Durban offers professional, personalised and sound legal services. Karen and her team practice exclusively in Family Law, and specialise in custody, contact, maintenance, divorce and protection orders.

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are you an enabler in a toxic relationship 400x250 - Blog

Are You an Enabler in a Toxic Relationship?

In a healthy relationship, both partners are meant to support one another while still being capable of having their own lives apart from one another. This, however, is not the case within co-dependent relationships. What often happens here is that an enabler comes to...

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a happy vs an unhappy childhood how do the two differ 400x250 - Blog

Happy Vs Unhappy Childhood – How Do The Two Differ?

There have been numerous studies that prove having a happy childhood reaps the benefits of improved mental and physical health, better relationships, and lifetime achievement. On the other side of the coin, an unhappy childhood can lead to many issues like physical...

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the affects domestic violence has on children 400x250 - Blog

Signs of a Child Living in a Toxic Household

Respect is one of the first things children are taught as soon as they are old enough for their behaviour to be labelled as “disrespectful”. While it is important, children should be taught to respect themselves first. This means not letting anyone belittle or break...

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signs of a child living in a toxic household 400x250 - Blog

The Affects Domestic Violence has on Children

It is a common psychological fact, that a person’s childhood often shapes them as a human being. Children are sponges, who are constantly observing and learning from the people and world around them. We, of course, want all our nations’ children to be raised in a...

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childrens rights in south africa 400x250 - Blog

Children’s Rights in South Africa

Children are vulnerable members of society that are in need of special protection since they are dependent on others. Children cannot fight for themselves. Therefore, it’s up to their guardians, caretakers, and the state to care for and protect them. This is done by...

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what is the effect of abuse on a child 400x250 - Blog

What is the Effect of Abuse on a Child?

Any form of neglect or abuse of a minor will result in harmful effects on the child or young person. The general rule of thumb is to treat everyone with respect – why are children so often left out of this? The effect that abuse can have on a young mind and body can...

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karen durban law offices signs of an abusive relationship 400x250 - Blog

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Many assume that an abusive relationship starts out that way, this is not the case. It comes on slowly, so slowly that you wake up one morning (if you’re lucky) and don’t recognise the person sleeping next to you. The key is having a good support system, good people...

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Parental Rights of Fathers in South Africa 400x250 - Blog

Parental Rights of Fathers in South Africa

Parental Rights of Fathers relies on the Children’s Act of South Africa (Act 38 of 2005). When it comes to fathers’ rights, a biological father has full parental rights, unless a court rules otherwise. This is true for all fathers provided that he meets the...

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karen durban law signs you are dealing with a true narcissist 400x250 - Blog

10 Signs that you are Dealing with a Narcissist

“Narcissist” – We have all thrown around this word when describing a self-absorbed person - especially when it comes to various personal relationships including co-workers, friendships, romances, and family. But how do we really know that someone truly is a...

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I met Karen and her team just under a year ago. Their professional and ethical services makes it that much easier to handle the circumstances one is faced with. Their compassion, kindness, humility and work ethics are of the highest standard. I have never regretted walking into their offices and they will be my first recommendation for anyone seeking help with legal matters. Karen, I have the utmost respect for you and your team. God bless

Sagina Langton

Thank you to Law Offices of Karen Olivier for their professional and expert legal representation, which resulted in the speedy resolution of a custody dispute that had previously caused much distress over a period of time to both us and my minor children. The emotional guidance of Karen and her team supported us through the court process. We are happy to announce that a Court Order was granted which ensures that my minor childrens’ best interests are upheld. I can now sleep with ease at night. 

Warren Sievwright

I just want to say thank you to Karen and team for the incredible service and assistance in my matter. I have always experienced a caring and compassionate response to my situation. Having met Karen was definitely not by was 100% a God Connection..and I would recommend her firm to anyone requiring that personal and extremely professional touch. She is success-driven and no hurdle stops her in achieving the righteous lawful outcome. Thank you, Karen…Blessings

Rowan Mattig