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Karen Olivier, Durban family attorney, is a senior attorney, and has practised in the realm of Family Law, for 14 years. Below are some of the situations that our law offices may be able to assist you in.


What We Can Do For You

If you find yourself relating to any of the below scenarios, you may find yourself and your child benefitting from the expertise of a specialist family law attorney.

Ante-nuptial contracts

Ante-nuptial contracts are essential to draw up between you and your spouse before you enter into marriage. These contracts assist in guiding your financial future together, and determine how your assets will be split in the case of death or divorce.

Variation of marital regimes

If a couple can provide sound reasons for the change, they may alter their marital regime to better suit them. However, variation of marital regimes can be costly and very time consuming, especially without the assistance of a specialist family law attorney.

Universal partnerships and cohabitation agreements

A universal partnership is one in which partners are not married yet live together and portray many of the attributes of a typical married couple. Drawing up a universal partnership and cohabitation agreement is a way of protecting both parties and their respective assets should they decide to split up.

Same sex unions

As of 2006, under the Civil Union Act 17, same-sex unions have been recognised before the law. This gives same sex couples financial security, and the opportunity of gaining access to further financial planning within their union.

Anti-dissipation Orders and Declarations

Anti-dissipation orders and declarations are helpful to have in place as they protect your assets from being dissipated in the case of your spouse or partner dissipating the assets in an estate. It essentially freezes assets until the litigation is finalised. While anti-dissipation Orders are not applicable in all cases, an Order assists in protecting the integrity of an estate, which you have a claim in.

Domestic violence and harassment applications

The Domestic Violence Act is in place to ensure that it is possible to gain legal protection against an abuser. Once an interim Order is granted and served on an abuser, in the event of a further instance of abuse, the can be criminally charged and arrested. Harassment and domestic abuse can be life-threatening and it is imperative that it is dealt with before it reaches that level. No person should ever remain silent, in the face of abuse.

High Court interdicts

High Court Interdicts are Orders that are granted by the High Court, and either mandatory, in which case a Respondent is ordered by Court, to do something, or prohibitory, in which case a Respondent is ordered by Court, not to do something. An interdict should not be taken lightly, and should be adhered to as if it were a Law.

Wills Lawyers

Wills are imperatively important as they guarantee that your assets are split up in the exact way you intend for them to be, once you have passed on. Once you have drawn up your initial Will, you can always make changes as you acquire more assets, or if you change your mind as to who should inherit from your estate.

Estates Lawyers

An estate is the net worth of any person at any point in time. A person’s estate includes any amounts and assets owing to them as well as their liabilities. Working out your total net worth may be invaluable in a multitude of situations.


How We Can Help You

If you feel that you would benefit from any of the above procedures or contracts, don’t hesitate in calling our offices today. Karen Olivier is a senior and family law attorney, and is passionate about family law.


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After filling for divorce and leaving my husband I was devastated when my ex-took my five-year-old daughter without my consent and ran away with her. I put my matter into the hands of Karen Oliver. She gave me excellent advice and her staff were sympathetic and persistent at drafting documents and following up with me. Eventually, I came out I the win I guide with my daughter in my primary care as the biggest prize of all. So grateful to Karen and her stellar team for getting me back my baby.

Drea Densham