Karen Olivier’s team specialises in Children’s Rights, Divorce Law, and General Family Law, ensuring that the rights of all citizens are upheld and respected during the search for a dispute resolution.

01. Children's rights

Karen Olivier and her team believe that the entrenched rights of all citizens must be upheld, and focus on the child foremost in every dispute.


02. Divorce law

Karen Olivier, Durban family attorney, is a senior attorney, and has practiced in all areas of Family Law, for 14 years.


03. Family Law

The team of Law Offices of Karen Olivier are original and unique in their approach of achieving dispute resolution, and supporting their clients through the emotional turmoil.


Thank you super much for everything.  Adoption has just gone through.  Thank you God.  Super grateful for everything you and your firm are doing for us.  Thank you so much for looking after my girls.  This was a super tough time and out of all the people, God put you in our lives to help us.  Thank you again.  Praying that God will bless you and your staff abundantly.

Wayne and Celeste P, Australia

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