The Law Offices of Karen Olivier in Durban offers professional, personalised and sound legal services. Karen and her team practice exclusively in Family Law and specialise in custody, contact, maintenance, divorce and protection orders.


About Us

As Karen’s passion is Family Law, she insists on the upholding of the rights of minor children, and the rights of a spouse or a partner in a relationship. Being a senior Family Law attorney, she executes the preserving of rights with precision, well thought-out strategy, and expertise. Karen and her dedicated team are passionate about achieving Justice in the Family Law matters they deal with. The firm regards the upholding and preservation of a client’s rights as being of supreme importance, in both the launching of a claim or the settlement of a dispute. The principle of equality in the application of law must be applied.


A Team Of Professionals

The team utilizes a hands-on and personalised approach, and aim at a friendly out-of-court settlement in an attempt to reduce the financial and emotional cost of litigation. Where settlement, by way of agreement, mediation or arbitration is not possible, and one must, by necessity, resort to the courts, the team is well equipped at strategically creating a tailor-made solution to all disputes. The firm has a readily accessible panel of experts to guide and apprise the judiciary in matters of non-law conflict.


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Karen is a senior attorney and her area of speciality is Family Law. She firmly believes that Family Law is the most significant area of Law, as the family unit is the cornerstone of our very existence. It is safe to say that we are moulded by various experiences within our family unit, and it is thus only fair that the mould is cast fairly.

Additionally, Karen maintains that we all have a voice, whether it be the muffled voice of an abused child or the silent protestations of an oppressed spouse. Every one of us is entitled to be heard loud and clear.

Karen and her support staff pride themselves in providing sound and specialized legal advice to the firm’s clients, by way of a knowledgeable and hands-on approach. The focus is on ensuring that the individual is emotionally supported, and expertly guided through the turmoil of the family dispute embroiling them.

On a personal note, in Karen’s spare time, she gardens, listens to music and relaxes with nature, be it observing the swirls of the ocean or marvelling the swoop of an eagle

Benita Dass

Benita Dass is a successful graduate of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, having obtained her Bachelor of Laws Degree in April 2015. She accomplished her two years of Articles with the Law Offices of Karen Olivier, and thereafter was assigned to the position of a Professional Assistant.

Benita was inspired to dive into the field of Law from a young age, as she was intrigued as to how the world around her was governed and controlled. Benita found herself being led to specialise in the area of Family Law. Being a woman and a mother, she encompasses the drive and determination needed to protect and uphold the rights of the abused, the parent who has their rights infringed, and the child who is found in the middle of a storm.

In Benita’s spare time, she can be found spending time with her family, lost in a pile of books, or soaking up the sun.

Carey-Anne Sarah Dunn

Carey-Anne Sarah Dunn graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal on the 11th of April 2014 with a Bachelor of Laws. She successfully completed two years of articles and was then admitted as an attorney of the High Court in 2016.

Carey-Anne has always had a keen interest in law. From a very young age she dreamed of being an attorney, after watching an episode of Ally McBeal. She has a hunger for helping people from all walks of life and assisting them in exercising their rights in our new and exciting Constitutional dispensation.

Even Carey-Anne’s pastimes reflect her love for the law, as she enjoys reading courtroom dramas and watching TV series based on the legal profession. When not immersing herself in all things law-related, Carey-Anne enjoys going to the beach as well as abseiling.


Trish has practiced Deceased Estates and Wills Law for over twenty years, using her studies in Banking Trustee Law to her advantage. She has worked in this field in Durban, Johannesburg and England, and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the years.

She is enthusiastic about Estates and has an empathetic nature towards her clients. Trish prides herself in her ability at winding up estates with professionalism and speed. Her experience and expertise makes her a respected and vital member at the Law Offices of Karen Olivier.

Outside of her profession, Trish is a keen gardener, does beading and jewellery making, and loves spending time at the beach.

Jeannie Louw

Jeannie Louw has an impressive list of accolades, including a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Nursing), a Diploma in Intensive Care Nursing, a Diploma in Trauma and Emergency Nursing, as well as a LLB from Howard College, UKZN.

Jeannie is currently serving articles as a candidate attorney under Principal Karen Olivier. Jeannie’s passion for helping people lead her into her first career as a Professional Nurse and it has assisted her in the field of law. Her interest in law stems from multiple encounters with people whose legal rights were eroded, and were in need of legal protection. Jeannie is driven by a desire to make an impactful difference in people’s lives who are in need of professional legal representation.

On the weekends, Jeannie can be found hiking and discovering the beautiful nature KZN has to offer with her teenage son.

Thashliya Ramsahai

Thashliya Ramsahai graduated from the University of Kwazulu-Natal, with a LLB Degree in 2017. She then went on to serve and complete her Articles with the Law Offices of Karen Olivier in 2018. She is currently working at the offices as a Professional Assistant after being admitted as an attorney in May of 2018.

Since her childhood, Thashliya has been interested in the law, and specifically in the way the law has an impact on the people around her. Since joining the firm, Thashliya has developed an inspired interest in Family Law and is passionate about ensuring the rights of others are well-protected in all circumstances.

Thashliya has a fond love of animals, and spends most of her free time with her dog Lily, as well as working on her artwork and catching up on the latest movies.

Kerry Beeton

Kerry obtained her Bachelor of Law from the University of South Africa in 2018 and is currently completing her Articles of Clerkship at The Law Offices of Karen Olivier. Kerry plans on being admitted as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 2019.

Kerry has an unwavering interest in criminal and family law. She effectively utilises her ability to work consistently, even when facing very challenging situations, and prides herself in the high standard of work she provides to her clients. Kerry has a strong desire to assist people, from all walks of life, who find themselves in trying legal situations, and has a firm belief that the legal profession is a massive door of opportunity in making a difference.

Kerry’s relaxation time mostly consists of swimming, singing with her band and reading novels.

Thank you to Law Offices of Karen Olivier for their professional and expert legal representation, which resulted in the speedy resolution of a custody dispute that had previously caused much distress over a period of time to both us and my minor children. The emotional guidance of Karen and her team supported us through the court process. We are happy to announce that a Court Order was granted which ensures that my minor children’s’ best interests are upheld. I can now sleep with ease at night. I have no hesitation in recommending the Law Offices of Karen Olivier to any person who might have a custody or access dispute.

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