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01. Children's rights

Karen Olivier and her team believe that the entrenched rights of all citizens must be upheld, and focus on the child foremost in every dispute.


02. Divorce law

Karen Olivier, Durban family attorney, is a senior attorney, and has practiced in all areas of Family Law, for 14 years.


03. Family Law

The team of Law Offices of Karen Olivier are original and unique in their approach of achieving dispute resolution, and supporting their clients through the emotional turmoil.



Passionate About Justice

Specializing in Family Law, Karen and her team distinguish themselves by their original and unique approach of achieving dispute resolution. The team know and understand that any legal dispute creates conflict and varying levels of panic and trepidation. No two cases are the same,
with each litigant facing some sort of emotional turmoil. The team and support staff aim to ease this turmoil as they knowingly with precision guide and support their client through the legal process, to achieve recognition of their client’s rights.

Karen and her professional team of attorneys are dedicated to upholding their clients’ rights every step of the way, and ensure that each and every case is treated with the devotion it deserves. Talk to them today, to see how they can help you.


Your Voice Will Be Heard

If you are currently facing a family or marital dispute that is bigger than you, you may need the assistance of a family law attorney, to help you handle the dispute. Karen has acquired knowledge and wisdom, and has gained an understanding of how to effectively handle the trickiest of situations. If you feel that your rights or the rights of a loved one are not being upheld in your current circumstances, don’t hesitate to call our offices today.

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The mission of the firm is the recognition of the marginalized, the empowerment of the browbeaten, and the emancipation of the suppressed. Accomplished Durban attorney, Karen Olivier, hand in hand with her team, focuses on the needs and means of the individual in every dispute and is skilled in designing and providing a unique and strategically structured solution to suit each client’s needs.

Universal partnerships and cohabitation agreements

Defended and Undefended divorces

Enforcing parental responsibilities and rights

Care of and contact with the minor child


YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD. Set up a meeting now.

Thank you for being a very big light at the end of a dark tunnel when it comes to my experiences with lawyers. In today’s world finding someone who cares is really impossible, to find this quality in a lawyer is near improbable but you have achieved this. Going above and beyond for a person, with their best interests at heart is something I can see you put first.

You have been through thick and thin with me and my cases and in doing so never wavered from getting the original outcome you promised in the first consultation. You did tell me that your clients always come back to you, again and again, I can see why now and I will be with them coming back time and again to get your honest helping experienced opinion on legal matters.

Thank you for all your time and effort, in my case I will be seeing my son for Christmas and he will finally be able to have a Christmas morning with his granny and grandpa opening gifts and in the company of a true family. This has no price on it and through you, I have achieved this which I have not had in my life for many years.

Edwin Channing

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